Why You Should Shop Small

Support small businesses

11/27/2020 0 min read

We all know how important it is to shop small. Small businesses always need our help, however, these trying times have led small businesses to rely on our help more than ever. I want to share some reasons why you should shop small:

  • You’re supporting someone’s dream. Someone’s hard work. Someone’s livelihood. When you shop with a small business, you know where your money is going. Your purchases are their income. Their source of putting food on the table. Paying for their kids’ activities - such as dance, sports, etc. Their source for paying their bills.

  • When you shop small, you’re purchasing local products. Many are one of a kind. Isn’t it fun to tout that the cool thing you have is from a local business and you can only get it there!? Think of what that is like for the small business owner. They just received a referral from you and will receive more business.

  • Did you know that when you shop small you’re boosting your local economy? Many small businesses are located in downtown areas. Think of the areas that are “hopping.” Their local economy is booming. People are flocking to go there. Why? The business owners are selling items that people want. Items that people need. Restaurants that use local food sources. Not only are you supporting the owner of that small restaurant, but you’re also supporting a local farm.

  • You’re supporting your community when you shop small. Think of your community as though they’re your neighbors. Many of us have neighbors that have become family. We want to see them succeed. We want to root for them. We want to support them as much as we can. Right!? Why not put that same energy into the small business owners in your community? Chances are, you’ll receive a heartfelt “thank you” as you make your purchase and are leaving the store.

  • Even if you don’t find something for yourself, chances are, you’ll find something for someone else. You’re going to make two people happy by purchasing the item: the person the gift is for and {you guessed it!} the small business owner.

Of course, shopping small is not only tied to your local area, you can shop small from any small business in the world.

Aside from shopping small, don’t forget to utilize social media to help support these small businesses! Here are some ideas of how you can support through social media:

  • Share your goods on your favorite platform{s}

  • Write a review on Google or Facebook

  • Tag the business in your captions/photos

What small businesses are you supporting? I love to discover new shops!