The Tools I Use to Create Reels

A breakdown to creating bite-sized pieces of video content



4/13/2022 2 min read

Last year, I decided to try incorporating more videos in my content. It’s scary as hell, but once you get used to being in front of the camera and don’t freak out about every mistake, you’ll start creating some great content. With reels videos on the rise, it’s hard to ignore making some form of video content. Of course, you have to do what works best for you, but if you have wanted to take the plunge in creating video content - specifically for reels, and are not sure where to start, take a look at the tools I use to create my reels:

Those are my top tools that I use that work best for me. If you have additional tips or do something different, feel free to share your methods in the comments below!

04 - Instagram

03 - Splice

02 - Phone

01 - Audio

The most important piece - Instagram. Once your video is ready, choose your audio, upload your video, add a cover photo [optional!], add anything extra you might want, then publish your reel!

I use Splice to trim and/or piece my videos together. If you’re a photographer like myself or want to use photos in your videos as well, Splice allows you to use videos and photos. I have used a variety of apps to create videos and Splice has been my favorite by far. I found it to be easier to use. In addition to creating my videos, I also use the app to slow down or speed up videos, add text, and tweak the videos to my liking.

You’ll need your phone to record your videos!

Bonus tip: if you have an old phone collecting dust, wipe it off and use it as a prop in videos

Knowing which audio you want to use before creating your reel is important. Are you lip syncing to a trending audio? Are you dancing? Are you creating something that revolves around audio? Is it a song? Choose the audio you want to use then record your content. 

I like to watch videos in the reels tab and save audio that I think would work best with my business or would be entertaining or inspiring. I’ll pick something from my saved audio when I’m ready to make a reel around that piece of audio. Sometimes a song works just as well! It really depends what kind of content I want to share.

Bonus tip: If you’re using multiple clips and need the videos to match the audio, listen to the audio and time when each video needs to start.