We treat our clients as though they are our family. We cherish our working relationships and work hard to help our clients achieve their goals.

At the bri creative we are prepared to tackle your projects no matter what stage they are in. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want and need us to step in or coming to the table with ideas, we have you covered. We bring creative, innovative ideas to our clients. We know every client is not the same, which is why we create new plans for every session. We have worked hard to create work that is unique to us.


We are here to capture your story. We are there from the beginning of your family journey as a couple to your wedding to adding little ones. We know the value of these moments.


Digital Marketing

There are many aspects to digital marketing, however, we excel in social media, content creation and branding. We're here to help influencers, small businesses and non-profits. We step in and help so you can focus on the most important thing: your business. From social media management to building your brand to creating content, we're here for you.


Our Process

The Consultation

We meet with our clients before we begin our photography and/or digital marketing work. We discuss what the clients are looking for, our availability, pricing, location, etc.

The Service

For our photography clients, on session day, we will meet at the time and location we agreed upon. Our session will begin and last one hour. For our digital marketing clients, we will begin the project on the desired start date discussed in our consultation.

The Review

Photography | Once we have your photos ready, we will meet to review the images and place your print order.

Digital Marketing | We will conduct check-ins with the client to review their marketing strategy.

Family Portraits





Happily Ever After


mini wedding

small wedding

Digital Marketing

social media management

social media training


brand photography

content creation

graphics for social media

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