A Guide to Sequoia National Park

Things to do + tips on what to see during the Sequoias.



7/1/20221 min read

There is so much to see + do while visiting Sequoia National Park. Depending on how much time you have, you will want to plan out your trip + try to hit all the spots you want to see. Honestly, if you don't even get to see everything on your list, seeing what you can is 100% worth it.

If you enter at the Three Rivers gate, you'll find multiple lookout points on the drive to General Sherman. Take advantage of these. There are so many cool views of the mountain range. We found some rivers along the way + were able to get fairly close to get some great pictures. There is one specific lookout that has signs + is a popular stopping point.. However, it is completely worth it if you can find a spot to pullover + check it out.

Keep in mind some things you should/shouldn't do while you're there - -


⛔ Do anything that will destroy the park. we're lucky to have these beauties to admire, don't ruin it for others

⛔ Be litterbugs. throw your trash away

⛔ Park where you're not supposed to


⛰️ Be mindful of where you're walking [ie. stay on the trails, pay attention to signage, etc]

⛰️ Leave your pets at home! The General Sherman trail area had signs that said "no pets!" -- best to leave your furry friends at home

⛰️ Be respectful of others. A lot of people travel to come see the Sequoias, be mindful of those around you

⛰️ Admire the sights. The Sequoias are beautiful + breathtaking, along with other elements of nature you come across the way

Overall, pack a lunch, take a hike + enjoy the beauty the Sequoias have to offer.


Things to Do

Keep in Mind

Cost: $35 per car or fee included in park pass if you have one

Hours: 24/7, 365 days a year

FYI: if you are a California resident and own a library card, you can get a pass from your local library to a national park for free!

Check road conditions during inclement weather!

  • General Sherman tree

  • Hiking trails

  • Hospital rock

  • Lookout points

  • Parking is limited, be prepared to walk

  • Be mindful of signs

  • Don’t bring your pets