Santa Barbara, California

adventure day in downtown Santa Barbara.



3/9/2022 1 min read

  • State Street [aka Main Street]

  • the courthouse

  • the shops

  • McConnell's Fine Ice Cream

  • Joe's Cafe

Places to visit:

Snaps from Bri:

Oh, Santa Barbara. You are one pretty coastal city. If you have not been to Santa Barbara, you need to go. I recently went with my mom and sister for a girls day. We spent the afternoon in downtown Santa Barbara. I love downtowns, so it's fairly easy for me to spend a whole afternoon there.

Once we arrived, we walked up and down State Street to check out the food options. Every spot looked delicious -- we ended up choosing Joe's Cafe because they had an array of choices: salads, sandwiches, pasta and more. One of the great things about Santa Barbara's downtown is that they close off a few blocks of the street for pedestrians to walk freely. Restaurants are able to have outdoor patios on the streets in front of their space. We chose to eat outside because it was a gorgeous day. The food was delicious; we all chose either a salad or sandwich.

After our meal, we walked to the courthouse because they have a lookout point in their tower. Unfortunately, the tower was closed so we weren't able to get cool views of the city. However, the courthouse courtyard is gorgeous. There is a magnolia tree that was very pretty. After wandering the courthouse grounds for a bit, we walked back to State Street to check out the shops. We also had a little mid-day snack at McConnell's Fine Ice Cream. Oh my goodness -- let me tell you: this was some of the best ice cream I had ever tasted. I chose their "flight" option which is where you can choose three flavors to taste. The scoops are smaller and would equal one scoop when they're put together [in my opinion]. I chose cookies 'n cream, churros con leche and double peanut butter chip. I still can't decide if the churros con leche or double peanut butter chip was my favorite.

Overall, our girls day was a success. I would visit Santa Barbara again in a heartbeat and explore other areas I have not been to [adding to the bucket list now].

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