My Photography Bucket List

Just a girl trying to hit some goals.



7/9/20221 min read

Let's talk about bucket lists -- do you have one? Do you have different ones for different goals? Do you not care about bucket lists?

I do! I have a main bucket list where I list everything I want to do. I also have a photography, adventure, + concert bucket lists because I needed those to be their own separate categories.

I wanted to share a few things I have on my photography bucket list. I like to keep some things to myself so if I actually hit that item on the bucket list, I'll be super proud of myself + then will want to share it with others. I know, it's weird, but not everything has to be shared with the world, right?

For now though, I want to…

I have checked a few items off of my list -- here are a few that I've done:

The list is ever-growing because I have new things I want to accomplish within photography. Some of these things will always be in progress, but nonetheless, things I want to work towards.

  • Own a photography studio

  • Get published in a magazine

  • Push myself to think outside the box when taking photos

  • Have an exhibit in a gallery or museum

  • Continue learning + growing my photography skills

  • Always have fun with photography

  • Photograph every National Park in the United States

  • Take a photograph on every continentPhotograph the little things that make me happy

  • Document the moments that keep your heart wild

  • Learn how to photograph with a film camera

  • Create/publish a photo book for your coffee table/living room/wherever you keep books for people to look through

  • Be commissioned to have my prints in someone’s home/store/shop

  • Be a worldly travel photographer

  • start a photography business

  • participate in an art show

  • be someone's go-to photographer

  • have a print in a museum

  • be asked to document a special moment