A Guide to Morro Bay, California

Things to do, see, shop + eat.



6/16/20221 min read

Ah, Morro Bay! One of my favorite places!

There's so much to see + do in this little coastal town. I usually make a day trip to spend some time in the sun, eating delicious seafood, walking the beach + getting a little shopping in.

So.. I basically spend all of my time eating/shopping along the embarcadero [aka Morro Bay’s main street] or walking on the beach. There are so many shops + eateries that it's easy to get lost for hours. I like to pop in + out of the shops to see what they have to offer - but will be sure to always stop in my fav spots. One of my favorite spots is the Garden Gallery. I love looking at all the plants + end up walking out with a succulent [or four].If you walk along the coastal front, you'll get views of the bay. You can see shops coming + going, paddle boarders, spot sea lions + sea otters.. basically get amazing views with the rock in the background.

Two iconic landmarks of Morro Bay include: Morro Rock + the stacks. you're able to spot these as you're getting closer to the city + you'll easily see them as you walk along. I take pictures of both of these iconic landmarks when I'm in Morro Bay.. I mean, you kind of have to.

As for food -- you'll be able to find great food no matter where you go, but there are 3 restaurants I like to rotate: Dockside, The Hut + Giovanni's Fish Market. Of course, I have to get clam strips + chips because [1] it's my fav + [2] where else will you find delicious seafood if not at a coastal town!?

FYI: Climbing the rock is prohibited, however, you can walk around most of it and admire the views from the beach.

Where to Eat

Where to Sight See

Where to Shop

  • Dockside

  • The Hut

  • Giovanni’s Fish Market

  • Morro Rock

  • The stacks

  • Sea otter landing

  • The bay

  • Embarcadero Street

  • Dolphin Shirt Co Retail Store

  • MorroMade

Hot tip: Giovanni’s “To Go” side isn’t as busy as the main restaurant. If you’re hungry and can’t wait!