A Guide to Montaña de Oro State Park

What to expect while visiting.



6/30/20221 min read

My mama celebrated her birthday last week + wanted to go to Montaña de Oro State Park. So of course, I couldn't say no to this little adventure.

We made a day trip to the state park -- which was more like a 1/2 day by the time we arrived. It still gave us enough time to explore the Spooner house + hike their smaller trail.

  • Location: Los Osos, California

  • Cost: Free; campsites require reservations

  • Hours: Daylight to dusk

  • Hikes

  • Tide pools

  • Spooner house

  • Enjoy the beach

  • Camp

  • Stay on the designated trail paths

  • Be aware of wildlife

  • Be careful of cliff dropoffs


Things to Do

Be Mindful

I definitely want to go back to this state park. There is beach access if you don't want to hike, + campsites for those who like to camp.

Here's a breakdown of our day:

🥾 Since we arrived later in the day, we decided to hike the bluff trail - which is the smallest trail. It's 3.4 miles long + has the most gorgeous views. The trail is alongside the cliffs, so it's hard to not stop + take pictures at every viewpoint.. especially if this is your first time there

🐚 On this trail, there is a stairway that leads to the beach + tide pools. I recommend taking a break on the beach + check out the tide pools

🏠 The Spooner house is the original ranch house of the Spooner family. It is now a free museum + pretty cool to check out

🐍 Be aware of the wildlife! If you start at the Spooner house, there is a running list of when someone has seen wildlife, the date they saw it + which trail it was. Regardless - be aware, stay on the paths + leave the wildlife alone