It's Time to Print Your Photos

Don't leave your prints as digitals!

1/17/20202 min read

No one prints their photos anymore. I get it. I've been there. Wait - should I admit that as a photographer? Probably not, but hey, I'm human and it's happened. When I began ordering prints of my images I realized how much I missed ordering prints. More often than not, I have had conversations with people about how ordering prints falls to the way side. A common phrase nowadays is: you should print that out. Do we? Nope. Should we? YES.

Printing your photos gives you something to hold, a picture that may not be lost in digital LALA land. Because, let's face it, we take pictures on our phones and if we don't print out the special ones, we store them on our clouds or hard drives. Where they're most likely forgotten about until you may need it one day.

Why should you print photos, you may be asking yourself? Check out these three reasons:

  1. Physical copies | Holding a physical copy of your image is 1000x better than looking on a digital screen. If you're like me, you may get very excited when your images are ready and you get to hold them, flip through the ones you decided to print out. If you're solely digital, you don't have to worry about having hits or misses, you'll know all your images are great!

  2. Decoration | Your prints can be used to spruce up your walls or your desk. Whether it’s a photo you took while you were on vacation or your favorite spot or your family snapped by your photographer. They're also great conversation pieces when your friends and family come over. "Oh, where is this from? Have you been? Great picture of your family..."

  3. Memories | Photos are worth a thousand words. They can transport you to times you forgot about. Moments that make you laugh, make you cry, or make you happy. A single still frame can bring back many memories - why not relive those moments?

It's time to print those photos. Ask your photographer if they offer prints from your session [or if they sell decor prints!]. Find your favorite adventures to showcase. You'll be happy you did.