Why It's Important to Support Small Business

Shop local

11/20/2020 0 min read

If you follow anyone that owns a small business, I’m sure you have seen the calls to support small businesses more than ever this year. I'm jumping in because I know first hand how this is affecting not only my business but small businesses as a whole.

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. I'm not going to diminish that. I would be terribly wrong if I said it wasn’t. Small businesses though - they’re the heart of your local community, your country - the world! This is exactly why you should support them this holiday season.

Big box corporations will survive if you don’t shop with them. Small businesses on the other hand? They won’t. Many have already closed or are in danger of closing. Small businesses are owned by those who acted on their dreams. They curate all their products. There's a large chance they make their own products. Plus - does a big box corporation send you a specialized thank you note!?

I'm not asking you to ignore big box corporations altogether - I'm asking to make a few purchases at your favorite small business spots or explore the small businesses in your area. If you know of someone who does shop at a small business, gift them a gift card to their favorite shop[s]. You're supporting someone's dream. Someone's talent. Someone's hard work.

Share your favorite small business below! I love checking out new shops.