How to Take a Selfie

Hey, selfie nation.

6/19/2020 0 min read

Selfie takers around the world can celebrate - National Selfie Day is right around the corner! June 21st is the perfect day for you to share your selfie shamelessly. I know selfies get a bad rep, but we’re all for a good selfie. I even love a good “groupie” aka a group selfie.

My friends and family have labeled me as the "selfie queen" -- so I'll be giving you some of my favorite tips to step up your selfie game -- just in time for National Selfie Day!


First thing first - don’t be afraid to take a selfie! Don’t be ashamed that you have to take a selfie of yourself. Especially if you’re on your own. We don’t always have an entourage of people around to take a picture. There are also times when no one is around. Take out your phone and snap a few photos. If there are people around and you do not feel comfortable asking someone to take your picture - ignore the fact that they’re around. You’ll feel weird taking your selfie, but you’re creating your own memories.


When you’re looking at your selfie set up - check your image on the phone. Are you squinting because of the sun? Is the sun too harsh on you? Are there drastic shadows that you don’t want in your photo? If you don’t like the lighting before you snap your selfie, you’re not going to like it afterward. Move around if you don’t like what you see.


As with any photo, try different angles. If you know your angle, you won’t have an issue figuring out how to hold your phone. If you’re not sure or your normal angle isn’t working - move your arm around to find that sweet spot.


Take a look at your background. Is there something in your background you might not want? Is there something sticking out of your head? Move your head or rotate your body so you can get a great background shot.


You can literally take a selfie anywhere. As long as your lighting is great, you have the right angle and you like your background, you can snap a selfie! There are many-a-times I have snapped a selfie in a spot you never would think to snap a selfie that people are amazed I even did it.

**The selfies shared in this post were taken between two windows.


You don’t have to hold your phone to capture a selfie. All phone cameras have timers - utilize this! Flip your camera so it is on you and you can see yourself in the screen. Figure out your angle, check the lighting, and background. Once you have it where you want, set the timer for 10 seconds and run back to pose. Continue to do this so you can have multiple options to choose from.

**This is one of my favorite ways to take selfies. People are always confused - especially when I lived in Boston because they would say: this is a really great picture but I know you don’t have a roommate so how did you do that!? TIMER, GIRL.


Repeat after me: YOU DO NOT NEED A SELFIE STICK FOR A GREAT SELFIE. I bought a selfie stick {barf} when I decided to take a solo trip to Ireland. I wanted to be able to take great selfies, however, I found that it was not helpful at all and gave me more headaches. I found that using my normal ways of taking selfies was better than a selfie stick. Once I got home, I set the selfie stick aside and either tossed it or gave it away when I moved from Boston.


To all the selfie naysayers, I’m here to tell you that selfies are here to stay. They will always be “a thing.” People will continue to take selfies. People will continue to share them. Are there people out there who are annoying with their selfies? Yes, there are. However, it is a great way to snap a quick picture of yourself.

If you have additional selfie tips, leave a comment below for people to incorporate! If you decide to take a selfie for National Selfie Day, be sure to tag me {@bririnehart} and use the hashtag: #thebricreativeselfie