Don't Be Like Bri: Sequoia National Park Edition

A little humor in adventure mishaps.



6/24/20221 min read

Let's be honest -- traveling is not always glamorous. Things can go wrong, things happen.. but that is part of the travel journey + will make for a great story later. Because it's never a great story in the moment. Nope.

Some things can be prevented when you take the time to plan things out.. But sometimes, shit happens.

So.. I went to Sequoia National Park with my mom. Let me start this off with the fact that neither of us have been up to this park in quite a while. We were rusty [forgive us!] in our mountain adventuring.

Here's what we did [and what you should avoid]:

🥨 We forgot snacks -- we were excited to get up to the mountains + completely forgot snacks. Thought about it when I was getting ready but ran out the door without them. Next time we're packing snacks and/or a picnic lunch

💦 We had water but could have packed more

⛽ Misjudged how far in the park we would go + how much gas was left in the tank -- we made it in + out but had to pay more for gas since we were closer to the Sequoias

🔍 Research where you want to go -- normally I'm pretty good at researching where to go/things to do, but I was not so diligent this time around. Now I have a map + can make more of a plan. Of course, sometimes it's fun to just go with the flow + see what the day brings you

The moral of the story: don't be like Bri annnd do these things before you go to the Sequoias.