Boston, I Love You

Happy Boston week!



8/12/2022 0 min read

Let's talk about one of my favorite chapters in my life - Boston!

I made the move in August 2014 to Massachusetts. A big 3k+ mile move away from home. I was that girl that never thought she would move far from home. Let alone 3k+ miles away! However, I made the move and had one of the greatest experiences I wasn't expecting to have.

Here's a little breakdown:

Although I don't live in Boston anymore, I can't help to reminisce on my time because it was a big moment in my life. I was a shy kid growing up, a very big introvert -- so imagine trying/deciding/making a massive move happen for someone like myself.. WHEW.

This year, I decided to look back on some big moments + share them on Instagram. Click the links below for some stories + tips.

  • I decided at the end of 2013 that I would make the move to the east coast

  • I researched, made lists + everything pointed to Boston

  • I saved money, applied to jobs + prepared for a fall move

  • I accepted a job in July + moved in August

  • I landed in Boston on August 12th

  • I had never been to Boston or Massachusetts

  • I didn't know anyone

  • Boston felt like home very shortly after moving

  • Spent the next 4.5 years living, working + experiencing life on the east coast.

Boston, I love you forever.