We’re answering our most asked questions in the Why series. Today’s question: why do you focus on digital marketing?

All questions are answered by our founder + creative director, Bri.

When I joined the working world, I was an administrative assistant. I moved to Boston after securing an administrative assistant position at an IT staffing firm. Within nine months of working at this company, I moved into a Marketing Assistant position. With this position, I learned that I loved marketing. It was the creative outlet I needed while working in a corporate environment. 

I soon discovered I really enjoyed the digital marketing aspects of my role. I enjoyed managing the company’s social media, creating content, creating graphics, helping co-workers with social media, etc. I soon picked up side gigs and worked as a social media manager outside of my full-time job.

When I decided to start my own company, I wanted to focus on my favorite aspects of digital marketing - because what’s the point of starting your own business to provide services you don’t even like doing? After a lot of thought, I decided to focus on social media management / training, content creation, branding, and social media graphics. These are my strong points and the things I enjoy doing the most. 

All digital marketing services are performed remotely, which means we can help any business across the United States. We help small business owners so they can focus on their business while we make sure their digital presence is "poppin'."

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