I'm delving into questions that I get asked the most with lengthy blog posts in the newest series: why.

Every photographer has their niche. They specialize in a certain form of photography. Sometimes we break out into other areas, but there is always the one constant.

Many times, the biggest question I am asked is: why portrait photography? I usually give a short answer when I’m talking in person or online, so I figured this would be the best opportunity to share why I picked to focus on portrait photography - and what kind of portrait photography.

I’ve been experimenting with photography my whole life. Professionally, for nine years. Like most photographers when they begin, they take whatever they can get and build their portfolio. While they’re doing these sessions, they can see what works best for them. After experimenting and working with a variety of clients, I found that I enjoyed family photography the most. Family is still a very broad niche within portrait photography. However, I love working with families.

Working with families gives you the opportunity to watch the family grow over the years. Working with a photographer you love, gives you the opportunity to get to know them. You’ll find you and your family are more relaxed when you’re working with someone you know and trust.

Family photography is a broad range of portrait photography at the bri creative. We include: couples, engagements, mini/small weddings, maternity, newborn + full-fledged family sessions. When we say we want to be there from the beginning, we mean it. We want to watch your family grow. From two people falling in love to marriage to your own family, we want to document it. Of course, we know family means something different for everyone. Whether your family means you and your SO, your SO, you & pet or you, your SO & children, large families.. we have you covered.

I love working with my clients to bring smiles on their faces and capture memories they’ll remember forever. Since photography is one of my biggest passions, I want to share my gift with families who want to make their memories last.