Last year, we did a little lesson on the basics of Instagram engagement via Instagram. We covered the like, the comment, the share, and the save. These are four basic functions that anyone can use to help boost engagement on posts. When we started to share these, we were seeing a lot of graphics with the four icons with a simple breakdown of what they were. We decided to put our own spin on it and take it one step further - a breakdown of what these icons do and why they’re so damn important.


the like

Many small business owners use the likes on their content as a way to see what their audience wants to see from them.

  • Posts that do well = many likes
  • Posts that don’t do well = not as many likes

Of course, there are other factors, but this is an easy way to gauge the content we should be creating.

So, if your favorite account is sharing content you love, double-tap that ish.

the comment

Let’s talk about comments:

  • Comments will help boost your post
  • YOUR response to comments help boost your post
  • Comments are a conversation starter
  • Comments provide feedback

Comments are very, very, very, very important for those who really want their content to be seen. Instagram has come a long way from just sharing photos with your friends. A lot of users use it to grow their business, their blog, etc. If you’re ever wondering if you should leave that comment - you should.

the share

Sharing content via the paper plan icon on instagram is valuable for those watching their instagram metrics. Content creators are always looking to see what type of content “works” with their audience. When they look back at their insights, they’ll be able to see their content was shared through this button + will help them to see what their audience loved vs what they didn’t. If you love it, there is a major chance they’ll create more content like that.

**we’re not recommending you take someone’s artwork + post it on your feed/stories - always give credit where credit is due {and ask before sharing!}

the save

Did you know you can save content on instagram? Don’t want to forget that cool vacation spot you saw someone post? Saw a cool tip you want to implement later? Found content that resonated with you + want to look at later?


If you want to organize your posts, hold the save button until the option to create a new category pops up. If you don’t care, just hit the save button + the post will be saved.


Right now, there are graphics showing which icons lead to better engagement on Instagram. Guess what.. They are all important! Utilize all of them. Engage with your favorite accounts. Social media is the game, so it’s time to be social y’all.