One of the most common questions we receive about Instagram is: why do people say ‘link in bio’ and don’t add the link in their caption? We decided to give you a 101 on the infamous “link in bio” phrase.


While you’re scrolling through Instagram, there is a 99.9% chance you have seen “link in bio” in a caption. Why do users add this? Well, Instagram does not allow links in their captions. Actually, they don’t allow captions anywhere. The only place you can add a link is in your bio. Wait - we lied. You can add a link to your Instagram stories - but only if you have 10,000 followers. If you don’t have the elusive 10k+ followers.. the bio link it is.

Thus, the reason why you see “link in bio” when users want to share their work or an article they’ve seen with their followers.


So, where can you find this link? Visit the user's profile you wish to view the link. Under their profile picture, you'll see their bio then the link they want to share with you.

If the user is an influencer/blogger/brand/etc. their link will lead you to a page with a variety of links. You will be able to read multiple articles or be directed to different sites. It all depends on the user's goal of how they want their followers to interact.

We use Later’s* to showcase the links we wish our followers to visit. Once you’ve clicked our link, find the corresponding picture. You'll be redirected to the link we want to share with you!

*Please note, this is not sponsored, we love their product!

We've introduced the why + basics of that darn "link in bio," let us know if you have another Instagram question in the comments!

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