If there is one thing I like to do that people might not know of it is repurposing furniture. I’ve taken one person’s trash and made it into my own piece! It’s something I really enjoy doing.

I am sharing one of my most recent pieces: a piano bench.

I found this piano bench on an online auction. As soon as I saw it, I knew I would be able to repurpose it to use during sessions. I was in luck when I won the item.

Here’s what I did to the bench:

  • Sanded it
  • Stained the wood black
  • Reupholstered the seat with new foam + fabric
  • Added a removable backing {so kids won’t fall over!}

I had help throughout the process of repurposing the bench. My mom helped with the automatic sander and reupholstering the seat. My dad helped with creating the removable backing.

The longest part of repurposing the bench was staining the wood. Once the stain was dry and touch-ups were applied, the rest of the bench was easy peasy. I found the durable fabric, foam, backing, and stain at Hobby Lobby. I did look around at other places before I discovered I could buy everything I needed at Hobby Lobby.

Overall, I am very happy with how the piano bench came out. I wanted to make a bench that I could use with children where they couldn’t fall backward - yet could be used without the backing for adults. This bench will be very handy during photo sessions!