A note from our founder, Bri:

I have been a little silent in what the bri creative is doing during these unprecedented times. Once the shelter in place went into effect, I knew photo sessions would be off the table. Even though a photographer is not necessarily in close proximity to their clients during a session, I felt it would be the best option. From there, I’ve been trying to figure out how I wanted to conduct business during these times.

Photography sessions are the biggest bulk of my business. I enjoy meeting clients. I enjoy the sessions. I enjoy editing. It’s been a huge bummer to have to scale back so much of what I love to do. I have decided to offer Front Porch Sessions to anyone who would like to book a session.

What is a front porch session? A Front Porch Session is where the photographer comes to your house and conducts a session on your front porch/front yard. There would be no contact - all business transactions would be done online and you will be notified when I arrive. We would remain six feet apart. If you’re worried about looking “far away” in pictures - I have lenses that would close the distance. I would also wear a mask to protect myself and you.

Another aspect of my business that I have is digital marketing services. I haven’t talked about this as much because I only take a limited amount of clients at a time. I’ve been thankful to have a steady amount of clients come through to not have a need to advertise this as much. I currently have space for new clientele who need help during this time. I know times are hard which is why I’m offering to work with your budget during this time. My digital marketing services include social media management, training, branding, content creation, design and brand photography.

In addition to our normal services, we opened an Etsy shop. Our Etsy shop has all the products we offer at a pop-up show. We offer prints, bookmarks, blank cards, and postcards. I know that a lot of people are trying to save and may not want to purchase a session right now. That’s why I created an Etsy shop - so you can have some of my products at a reasonable price. 

Now, it’s time for some real talk. I’ve begun to feel down these last few weeks because I really want my business to thrive and do well. I know in the first few years it takes a lot to build up your business. However, I didn’t think I would also have to deal with a global pandemic. A lot of “what ifs” and “this is going to fail if I don’t do something” has been in my brain. I let the fear and panic in. Something I was trying so hard to not do. As I was letting the fear and panic crawl in, I began thinking of things I can control: creating new blog posts. Creating new graphics for social media. Creating something to interact with my community during this pandemic. Creating something new that I might’ve not had the time to do before. Things that will bring me happiness and won’t make me feel like my business is going to die.

As much as I love my business, I also try to find a work/life balance because I don’t want to be burnt out. Even though I create all of my content, sometimes I favor living life and do that instead of creating content. Now, I am either at home or at my part-time job so what excuse do I have to not bust out some kick-ass content for you all? NONE. I’m picking myself out of my negativity and focusing on what I can do. 

Last but not least, I want to shed a spotlight on what we can do for the community. There are tons of small businesses that are hurting. There are charities that need our help. There are ways you can financially support them and ways you can support them for free. As a small business owner, I want not only my little business to thrive, but also my fellow small business owners to thrive. I have personally been helping my favorite local small businesses as much as I can. I have found some new small businesses, thanks to Etsy. I have also been supporting a few local charities with donations. As you see everywhere - we’re all in this together

In May, I will be rolling out a couple of series that revolve around small businesses and charities. I can’t change the world - even though I wish I could - but I sure can help in some kind of way. Many small business owners only receive the income from sales that they make. Some charities can’t feed or take care of others without donations. The smallest thing could help and make a difference for someone else. We don’t know how long this pandemic will last. But we can be good humans and help those in need.

I hope you all stay healthy and safe. Be kind and generous. 

xo, B.