I have always been in love with photography. Even if I hadn’t always realized it. I was always that person running around with some kind of camera growing up determined to document everything. Whether it was a sleepover with friends, a choir trip for the weekend, just hanging out, prom night… I had a camera with me to capture the memories.

I never thought photography would be a career I’d want. Ever since I was young, I said I wanted to be a teacher - a kindergarten teacher at that. However, once I was in college and started taking liberal arts classes, I came to the realization that this was not what I wanted to do. I changed my major to art with a studio arts emphasis. At the time, my college was quite small, so they didn’t have a photography program. I knew at that point I would want to do something with photography. I could have transferred to another school, but I didn’t want to be in school forever.

After college, I started my photography side hustle. I started scheduling photo sessions. Although portrait photography often terrifies me {a blog post for another day}, I was so excited I was scheduling sessions. I did this for a few years, until I decided I was going to move to the east coast. I stopped my side hustle to focus on moving. I knew I wanted a career change from administrative work and I knew it needed to be creative. I thought it would be too difficult to move my side hustle and get sessions when I moved, so I left it alone.

After a few years, I realized my love of photography was still there and that it was something I wanted to do with my life. I scheduled a few sessions while I was in Boston and I remembered why I loved it. One day, I received a surprise in my inbox from RAW Artists asking if I would like to be a part of their showcase. I was so excited and said yes. It was the first time I ever showed my work in that capacity.

I moved back to California at the end of 2018 and decided to go full-time with a photography business. It was something I have always wanted to do and had a few bumps along the way, but I knew this is the career I wanted and a career I could make for myself.

My photography has evolved a lot over the past eight years, along with my editing skills. I’m excited to continue evolving and gaining new clients along the way. My long-term goal is to be a photographer and be able to travel the world doing what I love.