We all know that printing your images is important. Once you print them, how are you going to utilize those images? You could put them in a scrapbook, keep them in a box or! you could frame them.

Framing your photos is just as important as printing your images. Your images will need to be protected. Wouldn't it be terrible to have your new print be destroyed by a liquid spill? Or layers of dust? How about finger prints? Or tears / rips? These issues could easily be avoided when images are framed.

In addition to protecting your images from every day wear and tear, framed images make great decor. Your walls, desk, mantels and more can be easily spruced up with framed images. Depending where you are going to place your framed images, you'll most likely want a theme. Whether it's all family photos or photos of your adventures, you're most likely going to have a similar theme in different areas.

Ready to purchase frames for your printed images? Not sure where to go? My go to spot is Michael's. My favorite frames to grab are the Belmont Frames. These frames make your images look great, are light weight and affordable.