You’re probably thinking: if you’re a professional photographer, why are you going to practice your photography skills? Shouldn’t you know what to do by now?

You’re right, we should, but you know that old phrase: practice makes perfect? We think that’s absolutely true. If you’re not practicing your photography skills, how will you grow? How will you evolve? How will you learn? We are constantly learning and looking to evolve our photography skills. 

As we’re writing this, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Things are not normal for photographers - which means it is the perfect time to practice those photography skills. What techniques do you want to try? What techniques do you want to learn? Do you want to figure out the best lighting? Do you want to practice new angles? Figure out what you want to do, pick up your camera, then go practice!

Our process for practicing our photography skills is quite simple. Most of the time, we want to get better in a certain area - so we focus on that. We practice on inanimate objects first to “play” around with what we’re learning. Once we figure it out enough to be able to practice on a human, we’ll introduce it during our photo session.

Now, don’t be afraid to do something wacky during a photo session. Whenever we want to do something that seems a little “crazy,” we tell our clients: “Okay, we want to try something, and it’s going to be different, but bear with us because it’s gonna be a cool shot!” Nine out of ten times they’ll be down for your wacky idea because they want that cool shot. 

Everyone’s photography skills are different. The way they practice is different. We like to try out different things. Usually, we choose to find things outside to practice with. We also prefer shooting with natural light, so working at different times of the day is best for us.

Are you a photographer? What are some ways you practice your skills?