If you’ve never been to Pittsburgh, when you arrive, you will notice a very familiar name: Heinz.

So, it’s only natural to stop by the Heinz History Museum in downtown Pittsburgh.

I thought the Heinz History Museum was a museum solely focusing on the Heinz company. That was not the case. There was history about Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, a sports exhibit not only featuring the major leagues that reside in Pittsburgh, but also college, high school and amateur leagues. They also featured sports I wouldn’t think were in a museum - such as marbles, jump rope and bocce. It was fascinating to see. Artifacts from different cultures in Pittsburgh, a floor dedicated to the “first world war” between Canada, France and Native Americans, and half of a floor dedicated to Heinz.

Did you know Heinz didn’t originally begin making ketchup as their first product? They began with horseradish. Also, their ketchup {when originally made} didn’t even feature tomatoes. From there, the empire expanded. Even though I’m not a ketchup fan {because, tomatoes}, it was pretty cool to learn more about the Heinz company.

If you want to learn more about Pittsburgh's history, I definitely recommend checking out the Heinz History Museum.

Admission {at time of this article}: $18 \ website