Hey there, happy Fri-yay! I hope your February has been off to a great start. As usual, we're kicking off the first Friday of the month with a #FridayIntroduction

Here are five things you may or may not know about me:

  • 99.5% of the time my jeans are rolled.. #shortpeopleprobs
  • Imma t-shirt + jeans kinda girl
  • But I alsoooo love dressing up
  • Seriously, give me all the sparkles
  • The best way to top off an outfit? A necklace and/or sunglasses

What is one item that makes you feel like your outfit is complete?

I wanted a recent picture of myself to share in this round of Friday Introduction. I decided to do a little photo sesh in my backyard figuring it would be quick because I was going to take five pictures. Because, y'know, there might only be one good one out of the five you take. I ended up taking more than one because the lighting was perfect, I was having fun with different angles/faces, so now I'm sharing more than one photo because of course, I couldn't choose just one.