Going to New Orleans soon? Not sure where to eat? Here are a few recommendations on restaurants you should go to:

Crawfish Boil // The Corner Oyster House

My friend and I spent a couple of hours trying to find a good crawfish boil. We ended up going to the Corner Oyster House. It is a touristy spot - but that makes it fun! We each had a pound of crawfish then asked for a basket of cajun fries when we were done. Our waiter informed us that they didn't have cajun fries, but could bring fries with a side of the seasonings. We said that would be fine, but he ended up shaking the seasonings all over the fries. It was really good!

Beignets // Cafe du Monde

If you're going to try a beignet, go to Cafe du Monde. It is open 24 hours and is cash only but totally worth it. You'll have to go when it's not a peak time because you'll be waiting in line for a while. We went around 8 PM and were able to be seated rather quickly. One plate has 3 beignets. We weren't sure how big they were going to be so we got separate plates, but if you're not hungry, split a plate with someone! I would also recommend ordering milk to drink. A glass of milk would've been perfect with the beignets.

Cheese Fries // Manning's

We met up with another friend while we were in NOLA and stopped by Manning's for a bit. My friend and I decided to share a plate of cheesy fries. The fries included cheese and ranch dressing - we asked to add bacon {because who doesn't love bacon!?}. I did not realize when we were ordering the fries that these would be the best plate of cheesy fries I would ever have in my life. Seriously, they were that good! The ranch is on the bottom of the plate, then they pile the fries, cheese and bacon bits on top.


Brunch Buffet \\ The Court of the Two Sisters

Breakfast Sandwich \\ Daisy Dukes