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When you're visiting New Orleans, be sure to visit Court of the Two Sisters for brunch! The Court of the Two Sisters is a famous brunch spot.

The brunch at Court of the Two Sisters is a brunch buffet. Once seated, you can grab a plate and pick what you want to eat. There is an omelet / eggs benedict bar where you can watch the chef make your meal. I decided to get an omelet then walked around the buffet to choose what I wanted to eat. I decided to try veal + grits based upon the waiter's recommendation, a spare rib, and shrimp. I wanted bacon but they had run out when I walked by the first time. There are a variety of southern dishes you could try. I was not feeling too adventurous, so I kept to what I knew - with the exception of the veal + grits.

Of course, I paired my meal with a mimosa, as did my friend. It was a better deal to get a mimosa carafe for two. So we were able to have a refill on our mimosas when we were done with our first round. The Court of the Two Sisters is a live jazz brunch, you are able to hear the lovely sounds of jazz as you're eating. We weren't right next to the band, but they played fairly close. 

A plus with going to a brunch buffet is the fact you can get dessert afterwards. I picked a little selection of treats to try. I tried the King Cake, some kind of oreo dessert and homemade vanilla ice cream. Still drooling over these desserts.

Since Court of the Two Sisters is a popular brunch spot, reservations are usually preferred. We called the morning we wanted to go and they said their next reservation was at 2:30 PM and Sunday was sold out. We decided to pop by to see if we could get a table and did not have to wait long to get a table. The only thing was that we were not able to eat in the courtyard - which looked beautiful from the inside! If you make a reservation - be sure to ask for a seat in the courtyard.