Today, we're going to talk about motion.

As a photographer, you're probably wondering - is motion a good or bad thing? Well, art is subjective.. so it really depends on how you view it in a photograph. Yeah.. we know, not much help. However, we believe it is something you should experiment with. It's also helpful to learn while you're learning your camera in manual mode.

Use these subjects to practice the art of motion:

  • people - take some friends to a park or somewhere outside + have them walk, run, skip, etc.
  • cars
  • animals
  • sports
  • dancing

As you practice, you'll figure out how much motion should be in your composition. If you'll want a blurred effect or a slightly blurred effect. Or, you may find out you hate motion + refrain from photographing it. Our recommendation would be to try it out, you will get some pretty cool shots that people like.