When you're first starting out with any kind of hobby that turns into a passion - and possible career - it's easy to want to excel at a l l of the subjects. Although in reality, you should excel in one subject before moving on. Which is why today's tip is: excel at one photo subject before expanding to another.

Excelling at one photo subject before jumping into another subject is crucial because you'll never be great at one of them if you try to be great at all of them. It's okay to say no to projects that don't work for you. It's okay to specialize in only one subject. We don't have to do it all to be successful. When you excel at one subject, you learn all aspects of that subject. What angles work. Which lighting works. How a subject would make a great composition. You practice, practice, practice until you're happy with where you are. From there, you can choose to add another subject to your belt or continue to challenge yourself in the subject you've mastered.