#TipfulTuesday: rule of thirds⁠

Nearly every photographer uses the rule of thirds. You may have heard this term thrown around a lot when photography is involved. AND you may have even used it yourself. Let's break it down.

What is the rule of thirds? | The rule of thirds is meant to help you set up a great composition. A grid is normally used to help you set this composition. You can use the intersections to line up the most important points of your photo. This helps the image look balanced⁠

Pleasing to the eye | The subject of your photo doesn't have to fill the whole image. When using the rule of thirds, you want to focus on one to two intersections for your composition. It keeps your point of focus to one area of your image.⁠

Can I use this technique? | YES! Even if you are not a photographer, you can use the rule of thirds. Have you ever notice the gridlines on your phone when you use your camera? That is your grid. When framing your photo, use the intersections to achieve the rule of thirds.⁠

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