Do you ever wonder how brands are constantly posting on social media? Do you find yourself asking if they’re on social media 24/7? Do they sleep? Do they eat? How do they do it!?

Let us give you a little tip - they’re automating their content!

Yup. They plan their content, they schedule their content, and the content is automatically posted.

*whispers* Guess what?

We do it too.

To be completely honest, no one has time to be on social media all day every day. It’s also not healthy and you should be taking a social media break. We all have lives to live. Our not so big secret is to automate your content. There are many platforms that can help you with this. Whether it’s within your favorite social media app or a {legit} scheduler, this will be a game-changer

As photographers, we set aside some hours every Sunday to plan and schedule our content. Depending on your brand/services, you might be able to schedule your content two weeks to a month ahead.


  • We use Later* to schedule our Instagram posts. We like this app because we can preview what our feed will look like before it’s posted. If we don’t like how something looks, we can move images until we like the layout. Plus! They have to add to your profile where you can list multiple links!
  • For Twitter and Facebook, we use the built-in schedulers. We tried using the Twitter and Facebook scheduler on Later but didn’t like it as much as the built-in. To use Twitter's scheduler, you have to visit the site on your desktop. To use Facebook's scheduler, visit Facebook's business suite.

We post regularly in our stories throughout the day - which is our least automated part. Some things just have to be instant.

Of course, there are many other items you can automate, but automating social media is our favorite. Let us know if you automate your social media below!

*If you want to try Later, use our referral link for 10 free posts!