Penn’s Cave is one of the most fun adventures I have been on in a while. They offer a cave tour which is by boat - the only cave tour by boat. Don’t worry if you’re afraid of boats - the water is very shallow and they’ve never had someone go overboard. Our tour guide said that if you were to be in the water for longer than 5 minutes, you would become hypothermic. Unfortunately, the more you move in the water, the colder it gets. He let us put our hands in the water to feel how cold it is then told us to move our hand around to see that the temperature does get colder as we move it around. I didn’t leave my hand in for very long because it was pretty dang cold. The temperature is always 52 degrees in the caves. We went in early October and it was pretty cold when we were in the cave. I could’ve used another layer to bundle up.

The cave tour was amazing. They have lights installed so you can see what the cave looks like inside. At one point in the tour, the tour guide turned the lights off so we could get the real cave-like experience. There were more stalactites than stalagmites in Penn’s Cave because of the water. We did see a bat hanging in the cave. There are more bats that hibernate in the cave in the winter months.

After going through the cave, the tour is taken out on the lake where you’re given a little tour and background of the lake. We then go back through the cave to dock the boat. The whole tour is an hour long. Be advised: the walk to the cave loading dock is pretty steep.

Side note: Penn’s Cave is part of Penn’s Cave + Wildlife. You can choose to either go on the cave tour, the wildlife tour or both. 

Cave tour price {at the time of article}: $19.50 \\ Website