A note from our founder/creative director - Bri:⁠

My heart is breaking for the Black community. I don't claim to know what the Black community is going through. Because, to be honest, I will never know.⁠

What I do know is this: we see you. We hear you. We support you. We stand with you. We want a better future for YOU. I not only want my Black family + friends, but all Black people to not be afraid to go for a walk. Or a jog/run. Or to go birding. Or to buy their essentials. Or, or, or - the list goes on. I don't want them to be afraid just to EXIST.⁠⁠

It's freaking 2020. This shouldn't be happening. It's time for a change. ⁠I know change will not happen overnight. But we can start today.⁠

I will be donating to Black Lives Matter*. I encourage the bri creative community to donate as well. Or to another organization that helps fight for equality + racial injustice for the Black community. I encourage you to find Black-owned businesses + support them. If you can't give a monetary donation, there are other ways to support the Black community. I encourage you to learn. Research.⁠

*The BLM donation link will be available during the month of June in our Instagram bio + on our Facebook page