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Every business utilizes management tools. There are many out there, so trying to find the best tool for your small business takes time and research. Our process was long and some bouts of trial-and-error, but we found management tools that we loved. We know trying to manage everything can make your head hurt, so we wanted to share the tools we use and why we love them!

Read on to find what helps make the bri creative run:

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot offers a client relationship management {CRM} system. There are different tiers, including a free {yes, free!} plan. A CRM system is useful if you are a service-based business because you need to keep track of your clients. You can enter all of their information, your communication, upcoming meetings, important documents, and more.

Tiers: Free | Starter {$40 per month} | Professional {$400 per month} | Enterprise {$1,200 per month}

Why we love Hubspot: Hubspot’s CRM is easy to use and has everything we need to manage our client relationships. We’ve tried various CRM programs and have found Hubspot’s to be the best for our business.


Trello is the collaboration tool of your dreams. This is great when you have a team or clients that you work with. You can organize your work with a variety of boards. From there you can create cards that are associated with those boards. You can assign tasks to your team members, leave comments, etc.

Tiers: Free | Business Class {$12.50 per user per month} | Enterprise {$17.50 per user per month}

Why we love Trello: We are very collaborative with our clients, so this tool is perfect for us. We can invite our clients to collaborate with us on digital marketing projects. Clients can upload the information we need then we can create their content. Once the content is created, the client can give us feedback and/or approval. 


Later is a social media scheduler. They started as an Instagram scheduler, however, they also offer Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest scheduling. Bonus: their blog is very informative about any and all things Instagram.

Tiers: Free | Starter {$8 per month} | Growth {$13 per month} | Advanced {$25 per month} | Business {$7.50 per month}

Why we love Later: We work heavily with Instagram and have tried many scheduling systems. When we finally stumbled across Later, we were ecstatic. It is everything we would want and more. We can plan our content and see what our feed would look like in “preview” mode. The preview mode is the icing on the cake for us. If we don’t like how the feed flows, we can reorganize our posts until we like how it looks.


Wave is an online accounting program. Keep track of your finances easily by connecting your business bank account. You can scan your receipts of items you’ve purchased for your business. If you have employees, they offer payroll services. In addition to all of this, you can send invoices and estimates to clients.

Tiers: Free {Accounting, Invoicing, Receipts} | Pay per Use {Credit Card Processing, Bank Payments (ACH)} | Payroll {Tax Service States, Self Service States}

Why we love Wave: Wave is an all-in-one stop for keeping track of our finances. Plus, they’re constantly evolving and adding great tools. Accounting isn’t our strongest skill, however, Wave makes it easy.


HelloSign is a tool where you can eSign documents that need to be legally binding. All signatures are done online between all parties. HelloSign keeps you updated during the whole process.

Tiers: Free {3 documents per month} | Pro {$15 per month \ ultd} | Business {$40 per month \ ultd} | Enterprise {Contact}

Why we love HelloSign: We found that the expectation of the client to print, sign, and scan the document back was more of a hassle than we wanted. We found HelloSign and said goodbye to our old process. We can also integrate HelloSign and Hubspot to attach contracts to your clients.


Harvest is a time tracking system. You can integrate Harvest into certain platforms, and easily send out invoices with your time - which is incredibly useful if you don’t have a system that creates invoices already.

Tiers: Free | Pro {$12 per user}

Why we love Harvest: We needed a better way to keep track of our time when working on digital marketing projects. We were using the old paper method - write down the time we start and the time we finish then figure out how long the time was. Using Harvest has been a big help and time saver {ha!}.

Are you a small business owner or planning on starting your own business? What management systems do you use?