Create the Best Road Trip with These Five Tips

Utilize these five tips on your next road trip.



5/11/2022 1 min read

Who doesn't love a good road trip!? I, for one, do.

There's just something about taking a drive out on the "open" road - which is an adventure in itself, really. Whether the trip is planned or spontaneous, there are certain things you have to do when you take a road trip. Here are some of my top tips when I take a road trip that makes everything better.

Do be aware - sometimes things go wrong on a road trip.. you might get lost, a breakdown may happen, your pit stop wasn't what you expected - it's not something you want to happen. However, it's a story you will have forever and you might even laugh about it.

There you have it, my five tips to make your road trip the best. Do you do something that isn't on the list? Leave your comment below!


[1] Car check -- let's start with the most important tip. You won't be getting far if your car is not ready for the trip. Make sure your gas tank is full, check the oil, your tires.. basically anything

[2] Snacks + drinks -- pack your favorite snacks + drinks or make sure you throw in a pit stop to grab some snacks + drinks. Road trips can be long and you'll get hungry along the way.

[3] Pit stops -- the point of a road trip is to take your time, see things you haven't seen before, try some restaurants.. take time to stretch your legs, walk around, and break up the trip.

[4] Music -- what would a road trip be without music? If you're not singing your heart out to some great tunes along the way, are you even road tripping?

[5] Friends/Family [optional] -- solo road trips are fun, but sometimes, you need some people with you to make the ride more enjoyable. Ask your favorite people to come with you to take a drive.